About - MartinHoffmann

Welcome to my photo website. I am Martin Hoffmann and I live in Berlin, Germany.

Photography is my childhood passion, which I rediscovered some years ago.

Since then, I have been photographically exploring urban life and urban environments.

When I am in a city, I am always looking out for interesting and unique places or moments, which would normally go unnoticed. My main aim is to capture the atmosphere and mood that makes a city tick.

The photographs that you will find on this website derive from cities across Europe and the USA, including London, Lisbon, Paris, San Francisco, New York and New Orleans. I am constantly adding new cities to this website.

If you enjoy this photographic journey across cities, I encourage you to check back for new images or subscribe to my newsletter.

Please feel free to connect on Instagram or Ello

In case you want to get in touch or have any questions, you can drop me an email at martin@seeingexploring.com

Stay Informed

I am regularly traveling to new cities in order to update my portfolio with interesting urban photographs. If you would like to stay informed as I add new photos to my website, I would be happy to provide you with email updates. Please click 'Subscribe' and enter your email address:

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